David Garofalo is a savvy businessman with decades of experience and multiple stories of success throughout his career. His current focus is operating a chain of premium cigar shops recognized as the highest volume independently owned shops in the world. In addition, he works with a number of businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways – most notably his United Podcast Network and it’s ability to amplify a message.

David and his creative ideas and proven strategies are available to help your business. Whatever your need, David is able to craft a customized solution perfectly tailored to your success. David is available as a motivational and/or educational speaker for your company gathering or training session.

While David specializes in the premium cigar industry, his tactics and strategies can be applied to any business. Overcoming unique challenges like advertising restrictions, niche markets, sticker-shock, unpredictable supply lines, limited edition products, and fickle consumer demand is all in a day’s work for David. If you’re looking for a spark to ignite your small business and help you compete with the giants in your field, David’s unique ideas and proven techniques are just what you need.

Thank you for your interest. If you have a question about his book or if you would like to learn about how David Garofalo can help your business grow, please use the contact form below.