Hello, I’m David Garofalo.  I’ve been a successful Brick & Mortar (B&M) Retailer my whole life and despite all the people who say B&M’s are dying, I continue to grow my shops double digest every year and have so for over three decades.  I own the highest volume independently owned and operated small niche industry shops (in my industry) in the world. Despite online giants getting into our space, we have adapted and created reasons for people to shop in our stores, mainly through events and promotions.  

With all my success, I’ve been asked by other retailers in and out of my industry over the years that I should write a book and help struggling retailers with easy to follow retail promotions that I have used to bring new customers in, old customers back, grow the average sale, and entice customers to buy more… so I did.  

David VS Goliath – How to compete and beat the online giant.  100 Proven promotions for Brick & Mortar Retailers – by David Garofalo.  (www.DavidGarofalo.com

There are lots of industry gurus who have some great theories and mean well, but what I do is walk the walk as I am one of you… I’m a B&M retailer now and have been my whole adult life. I’ve put all these events and in-store promotions down on paper to share with you.  These are proven promotion that when executed properly and constantly will begin to turn your B&M around and get it going in the right direction to make you more money.  

With the growth and attention on online sales, some B&M retailers have given up and are sitting back and accepting their demise to be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  You have to stop playing their game, do what they can’t do and play some other games. You can compete and beat the online giant, I do it every day and you can too.  

David Garofalo Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk and is available for speaking engagements.  Contact: dave@DavidGarofalo.com