In this age of Amazon, Google, and online ordering, sometimes it’s hard to remember the days of brick and mortar stores, when you could walk into a physical store, and touch, see, smell the food, clothes, books. Brick and mortar (or B&M, as we will refer to it in this book), are those retail businesses that are located in an actual building (as opposed to an online retailer, or e-tailer, who rarely has a physical location for shoppers to visit). Retailers today no longer have the biggest inventories, best selections or best prices. Brick & Mortar retailers don’t have the best hours of operation and cannot compete with the giant on-line retailers or can they? Yes they can, but they need to change the game, and play to the advantages they have and there are many advantages and strengths that must be utilized to not just compete, but beat the on-line giant. In this book you will learn 100 proven promotions and lots of advise and wisdom to win.

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